Why Allergy Therapeutics?

Why Allergy TherapeuticsAllergy Therapeutics has always and will continue to put the needs of customers and, most importantly, the patients first. During our 80-year history, Allergy Therapeutics has laid the foundations of modern specific immunotherapy, leading the way using the latest research and development methods, and pioneering the use of allergoids and alternative adjuvants to improve the immunogenic effect and safety of specific immunotherapy. Therefore we are a fully integrated speciality pharmaceutical company with a profitable core business and patent protected development of ground breaking allergy vaccines.

Allergy Therapeutics has the potential to transform allergy treatment with an established range of diagnostics and specific aluminium-free immunotherapy vaccines.

As immunotherapy innovators, Allergy Therapeutics has led in a number of fields:

  • Initiated the use of the depot adjuvant Micro Crystalline Tyrosine (MCT®) as an alternative to aluminium in subcutaneous immunotherapy
  • Lead in the use of registered allergoids in specific immunotherapy as opposed to native allergens
  • First to use Monophosphoryl Lipid A (MPL) as an adjuvant in specific allergy immunotherapy
  • Published proteomics data in support of product characterisation and standardisation

As we go forward, we continue to develop improved allergy vaccines with novel adjuvant systems, enhanced dosing characteristics, as well as new formulations to augment the portfolio of patent protected, registered pharmaceutical products.

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